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Lisa Jespersen, RMT

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North Bay, ON



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I have a YouTube channel!
If you would like to see videos of the exercises and pain relief techniques that the I teach my clients check out my channel


Hi everyone,


Lisa here, I am writing you today to let you know Mindful Thyme Wellness Centre in Barrie will be permanently closed as of today. 


I am moving my Massage Therapy practice to North Bay to be closer to home. 

Victoria Sambleson, RMT will remain in the clinic location as a solo practitioner and will be available to any of my patients who would like to start/continue treatment with her. Victoria offers in-home treatments as well. 


To book an appointment with Victoria contact her at 416-505-7962 or


Online booking through Mindful Thyme will no longer be available. When you would like to book an appointment please contact the individual practitioner you would like to see. 


Any future booked appointments will remain the same with your chosen practitioner. They will be in contact with you to confirm the appointment if they have not already. 


Trisha Cooke, RMT will be available for in-home treatments and can be available at Victoria’s room (current clinic location) if you prefer in clinic treatments. 


Trisha’s contact information for booking is


Luana Montag, RMT is currently on maternity leave but will be available to her patients and my patients who were seeing her as well once she returns to work.


At this time Luana is unsure how much time she will need off. She will be in contact with her patients she has treated previously once she is ready to return. 


Luana’s contact information is if you would like to request she contacts you when she returns to work. 


Your patient file will remain in the possession of the RMT who treated you. If you require a copy of your records please be in contact with the RMT who treated you. 


Anyone who needs records who was treated by Samantha can contact me for their file as Samantha is no longer practicing as an RMT. 


The Mindful Thyme RMT Youtube channel and instagram will remain available to help you continue the home care exercises you have been prescribed. If the exercises you need are not yet there send me an email and I will work on getting a video made with what you need. or @MindfulThymeRMT on social media


I would like to sincerely thank each and every person who has supported Mindful Thyme Wellness Centre by trusting us to provide you an exceptional healthcare experience. 


Over the last 8 years I have learned just as much from you all as you have learned from me and I thank you so much for that. I’ve said for years I have the best patients ever. You all cheer me on when I learn new things, allow me to take the time to teach you these things and trusted me to try them on you. 


A true mutually beneficial patient-practitioner relationship. Because of this I have been able to develop effective rehabilitation methods and learning tools like my books Concussion Help Diary and Post-Concussion Help Diary to help way more people than I ever could have in clinic alone. Thank you for trusting me with your healthcare and teaching me so much. 


As I move on from Mindful Thyme Wellness Centre I will appreciate the time I had with this clinic, Barrie and all of you. I will take that into my future with Concussion Help Canada, the concussion education and online assessment service which will be the main focus of my practice and work in the future. Check it out on Instagram and Facebook @ConcussionHelpCanada. The website will be up and running soon. 


If you have any questions, comments or want to discuss your treatment plan and how to go forward contact me at or 705-309-1801. 


Thank you again for your support and loyalty over the years. I wish you health and happiness. 


Lisa Jespersen, RMT

Mindful Thyme Wellness Centre

Sponsorship of Barrie Minor Hockey Association

for U14-MD and U9-MD (2)

Trisha Cooke, RMT is proud to be sponsoring Barrie Minor Hockey

If you would like to book an appointment with Trisha please e-mail

Lisa Jespersen, RMT

Lisa completed her Diploma in Massage Therapy at Georgian College in 2013 and was registered with the

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario in 2014. Lisa worked in multi-disciplinary clinics for four years before opening Mindful Thyme Wellness Centre in Barrie, ON in 2018. During this time she worked along side rehabilitation facilities within the community as an outside team member treating many catastrophic motor-vehicle accident, chronic pain and workplace injury patients as well as professional and amateur athletes.

Lisa also mentored and did private teaching with fellow RMT's.


In October 2022 Lisa closed the Barrie clinic to move her practice to North Bay, ON. 

Lisa is happy to join the team at Symetrics, a clinic that has been serving the community

in North Bay for over 30 years. 

Lisa continues studying concussion rehabilitation, cupping massage, Dynamic Tape, Dolphin Neurostim MPS therapy and many different types of treatment techniques.  She has been lucky to have had a few great mentors who have shared so much of their knowledge. 

Lisa utilizes educating clients along with many different assessment, treatment and exercise techniques to achieve your goals. She enjoys connecting with other health care practitioners and exchanging ideas for new views on rehabilitation. 

Lisa is also the founder of Concussion Help Canada and author of Concussion Help Diary and Post-Concussion Help Diary. Both books are available on Amazon worldwide. 

Concussion Help Canada is an educational service helping to make concussion rehabilitation easy to understand for concussion patients. 

Concussion Help Canada uses Concussion Friendly Learning to present information to patients in a way that is easier for them to comprehend and utilize when suffering from concussion symptoms. To learn more check out

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