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Lisa Jespersen, RMT has been studying concussion and persistent post-concussive symptoms since 2014.

After completing many courses related to concussion and management she now works with a team of healthcare practitioners and rehabilitation clinics within the Barrie and surrounding areas to help manage, educate and treat patients who have suffered concussion. 

Lisa mentors the RMT's at Mindful Thyme to understand how to treat and help manage concussion injuries.

If you have experienced a concussion and are looking for some help, guidance and treatment book an assessment with one of our RMT's today to get started on your rehabilitation journey. 

Check out Lisa's first published book

Concussion Help Diary 

available for purchase on Amazon worldwide. 

Concussion Help Diary is a guide and diary to help you through the first 4 weeks after experiencing a concussion. 

The injury, symptom, exercise and appointment diaries will prompt you to record the most important information about your experience so you don't have to re-tell your story every time you have an assessment with a new healthcare practitioner.

This diary can also help family, friends, coworkers and coaches better understand your experience so they can better support you through your recovery. 

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If you would like to see videos of the exercises and pain relief techniques that the RMT's at Mindful Thyme teach their patients check out our channel!

Important: Please read before you purchase.


Gift cards are available to be used towards treatment at the clinic. 

Please note each gift card must be assigned to one specific patient in our system to be redeemed.

We are unable to use the same gift cards towards two different patients. 

Please purchase separate gift cards for each person you intend to give the gift of massage therapy treatment.

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Mindful Thyme Wellness Centre is a team of

 Registered Massage Therapists located in Barrie, Ontario.

Each Registered Massage Therapist is unique in their continuing education interests and

offers different modalities in their massage therapy treatments.

Please see our about us page to help you choose which therapist would be best for you.