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Concussion Help Diary

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Why did I write this book?

During my years of practice I have spent a lot of time assessing and treating clients who have experienced a concussion. One of the most common things among them all is that the assessment process is difficult to get through. Not only is it draining on you to explain everything you went through to yet another person who is supposed to help you; but it is also traumatic to try to remember all the details over and over again.

Then you are expected to remember everything they teach you in that appointment right after you emotionally and physically drained yourself just explaining why you are there. 

How will it help you?

I developed Concussion Help Diary so you have a place to write down all the most important details about your injury. Once it is written in your diary you can take that with you or photocopy it to give to anyone who may need that information to help you.


Concussion Help Diary will give you some advice to help you through the first 4 weeks after concussion. The injury, symptom, exercise and appointment diaries will keep a record of the information your healthcare practitioners and coaches will need to know to help you. 

I hope that Concussion Help Diary can help make a difficult process a little easier for you. 

-Lisa Jespersen, RMT

For more information on concussion check out our YouTube channel!

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