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Concussion Help Diary Series

Why did I write this book?

During my years of practice I have spent a lot of time assessing and treating clients who have experienced a concussion. One of the most common things among them all is that the assessment process is difficult to get through. Not only is it draining on you to explain everything you went through to yet another person who is supposed to help you; but it is also traumatic to try to remember all the details over and over again.

Then you are expected to remember everything they teach you in that appointment right after you emotionally and physically drained yourself just explaining why you are there. 

Concussion Help Diary will help you keep the most important

information about your injury in one organized place.

The book starts with helpful tips relevant to the first few

weeks after experiencing a concussion.

The injury, symptom, exercise and appointment diaries will help

you keep track of your experience and help you to accurately

describe it to your healthcare practitioners, family and coaches.

Post-Concussion Help Diary is a step by step guide to teach

concussion patients how to manage their symptoms and build a

rehabilitation team catered specifically to their needs in an

easy to understand format.


This book will explain what a concussion injury is, what symptoms are

typical, what might be causing them and who can help.

The diary section will prompt you to record important information

about your injury, doctors appointments, symptoms, headaches, sleep and

exercise so you can more easily share this information with your

medical team and coaches.


This book will help you start figuring out your puzzle piece by piece.

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