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Disc Bulge VS Disc Herniation-Cervical Spine

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

What is the difference between a disc bulge and a herniated disc? In today's YouTube episode we discuss the differences, treatment methods and exercises that can give you relief in minutes.

Click below and follow along with me to learn more about how you can help reduce your pain at home right now.

In today's episode we discuss the difference between bulged and herniated discs.

Spoiler alter, the treatment for both are pretty much the same. There are many other things that can happen in the cervical spine when it comes to injury, overuse and aging. We touch on a couple common things that if you have in combination with a bulged or herniated disc might make this treatment not right for you. I will review what your treatment plan might look like if you came to see me for treatment. As a Registered Massage Therapist my treatment plan might look a bit different than a treatment plan from a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor. For some chronic issues trying different therapies or therapists might be beneficial to you. Sometimes a combination of two therapies will work better for some than just one therapy alone.

Please be aware that everyone is different and requires an individualized treatment plan. It is best to take your imaging to a medical professional who understands how to interpret it and create a treatment plan of movements and exercises that are right for you. This video is not a diagnosis of your pain and it is best to wait to try these exercises until you have seen a medical professional who has confirmed they are safe for you.

In this episode I mention how the exercises I use in this episode are based off the McKenzie method. They are not exact to the method, they are a simplified version that I use as an introduction to this method with many clients. Once I see them perform the exercises we modify the exercises to be closer to the exact McKenzie's method.

Robin McKenzie wrote a book to help people at home be able to understand their pain better and how they can help themselves live a pain free life. If you would like to learn his exact method you can purchase his book 7 Steps to a Pain Free Life on Amazon by clicking the link below.

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