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Let's talk Sleep Hygiene

So you may have heard people use the term sleep hygiene recently, but what does that mean?

Sleep hygiene is basically having a bedtime routine that sets you up the best way we medically know how to for a good night's sleep.

In early March of 2020 I was lucky enough, just before the first lockdown, to be able to take part in the Shift Concussion Management Level 2 provider courses. At this course we went into detail about sleep regulation and sleep hygiene. This handout, below, I now offer my clients is just one of the many great resources I gained from that program.

This type of educational information is part of your treatment plan when an RMT from Mindful Thyme Wellness Centre is part of your concussion rehabilitation team.

If you have suffered a concussion, research has shown that starting rehabilitation intervention as early as possible will give you the best chance you have at recovering from that concussion.

Book an assessment with an RMT at Mindful Thyme Wellness Centre and we will offer you education and referrals to ensure you have the team you need for the best chance at recovery.

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