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Massage Therapy

At Mindful Thyme you can expect a full assessment of your health history and any pain or injuries you are experiencing. Your RMT will develop a treatment plan to meet your treatment goals.

 Our RMT's are trained in Swedish Massage, Myofascial Techniques and various advanced massage therapy techniques.

Each therapist has something different to offer in their treatments. 

Please see the about us page for a full bio on each RMT.

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We offer education and one on one treatment plans to help manage concussion and persistent post-concussive symptoms. 

Lisa Jespersen, RMT has studied concussion and persistent post-concussive symptoms since 2014. This education has helped her have a full understanding of how to manage this condition and help her patients get back to living and enjoying their life.

Lisa mentors the RMT's that work at Mindful Thyme to understand concussion and the rehabilitation process. She also teaches them her treatment process and techniques that have helped so many people function better and enjoy life again.


Together Lisa and the RMT's at Mindful Thyme will work with you to develop a treatment plan, offer referrals to help build your rehab team and educate you about your condition and what to expect. 

Concussion Courses Completed

Shift Concussion Management

Level 1 & Level 2

University of Calgary

Online Concussion Course

Concussion Management for RMT's

Sean-Michael Latimour


Meditation can be incorporated into your treatment or performed before or after treatment. 

If you would like to incorporate meditation into your massage therapy treatment please speak to your RMT about options. 

Some of our RMT's offer pre-recorded meditations you can relax and listen to during your treatment.


Some of our RMT's will do an active meditation during treatment.

Lisa offers singing bowl meditation.